Promotional Items

Flyer in Delegate Bag

The flyer must be relevant to the conference and approved by the conference organizers. Web-version artwork is to be supplied by the sponsor according to design specifications. The flyer can feature the company’s logo, satellites or exhibitions.

USD 10,000

Included: distribution

and on-site logistics


Gifts (Pads, Pens, Bookmarks etc) in Delegate Bag

Pads, pens and bookmarks are essential for all delegates, as well as being popular collectibles at the conference. These items give sponsors a way of providing delegates with a much-needed item, as well as a visible advertising method that the delegates will take away with them. Sponsors are welcome to come forward with suggestion of their own for alternate items.


USD 5,000
Included: distribution and on-site logistics


Flyers at Plenary Session

Flyers will be distributed at the entrance of the plenary at the start of each day. These flyers can be used, for example, to advertise the sponsor’s satellite symposium or exhibition booth.

USD 5,000

Per day

Plus production and delivery costs included: distribution by volunteers

Please for more information or booking contact: