Leadership Programme

Leadership Programme

The International Steering Committee is grateful to the following individuals, all leading experts in their respective fields, for giving their time and guidance to the development of the 20th ICASA Leadership Programme. We are proud to have them as the Chairs, Co-Chairs and Members for the leadership Programme Committee. 
LPC: leadership Programme Committee

Hon Dr.  Pagwesese David Parirenyatwa Chair Zimbabwe
Dr. Mazarati Jean Baptiste Co-chair Rwanda
Dr. Meskerem Grunitzky Member Ethiopia
Mr. Niyi Ojualape Member Nigeria
Mr. Mabingue Ngom Member Senegal
Mr. Cedric Pulliam Member United States of America
Saran BRANCHI Member Cote d’Ivoire
Dazon Dixon Diallo Member United States of America
Dr. Yamina Chakkar Member Egypt
Sandrine Busiere Member Senegal
Commissioner Soyata Maiga Member The Gambia
Caroline Ntchatcho Member South Africa
Dr. Nirina Razakasoa Member DR Congo
Dr. Linda Mafu Member Geneva
Dr. Benjamin Djoudalbaye Member Ethiopia
Hon. Sahra Gulaid Member Somaliland
Dr. Landry Tsague Member Senegal
Dr. Betru Woldesemayat Member Ethiopia
Dr. Emmy J. Chesire Member Kenya
Dr. Angela El - ADAS Member Ghana
Lubna Bhayani Member Ghana
Prof. Jeanine  Condo Member Rwanda
Dr.  Turate Innocent Member Rwanda
Dr.  Muhire  Philbert Member Rwanda
Dr.  Anita Assiimwe Member Rwanda
Mr. Dieudonee Ruturwa Member Rwanda
Dr.  Felix Kayigamba Member Rwanda
Dr.  Muhimpundu Ribakare Member Rwanda
Dr.  Eugenie Kayirangwa Member Rwanda
Mr. Itete Karagire Member Rwanda

Leadership Programme

Sessions will take place throughout the day from Monday 2nd December to Saturday, 7th December 2019. Below are the topics the leadership Programme Committee has chosen to focus on.


Plenary Session

1. African Heads of State towards AIDS Free Africa: What does it take!
2. Political Leadership to advance SDG 3 and promote inclusivity of vulnerable populations.
3. Promote stronger Community led leadership for ending AIDS in Africa.
4. Stronger positioning of women leadership in Africa in the HIV response.
5. Youth leadership at the centre of the HIV response.

Leadership Programme Committee Numbers of Sessions
Plenary Session 5
Special Session 5
Workshop 6
Non-Abstract Session 6



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