Scientific Programme

The International Steering Committee is grateful to the following individuals, all leading experts in their respective fields, for giving their time and guidance to the development of the Scientific Programme of the 20TH ICASA. We are proud to have them as the Chairs, Co-Chairs and Members for the Scientific Programme Committee. 
SPC: Scientific Programme Committee

Prof. Tandakha Ndiaye Dieye Chair Senegal
Dr.  Etienne Karita Co-Chair Rwanda

Track A: Basic science (Biology & Pathogenesis)

Prof.   Coumba Toure Kane Chair Cote d’Ivoire
Dr.  Annette Uwineza Co- Chair Rwanda
Prof.  Kakou R. Aka Member Cote d’Ivoire
Dr. Didier Ekouevi Member Benin   
Dr. Almoustapha I. Maiga Member Mali
Prof.  Samuel Elias  Kalluvya Member Tanzania
Yvan Emil Member Rwanda
Christine Mwangi Member Rwanda
Jean Pierre Musabyimana Member Rwanda
Dr.  Pacifique Mugenzi Member Rwanda


Track B: Clinical science, treatment and care

Prof. James G. Hakim
Chair Zimbabwe
Dr.  Muhayimpundu Ribakare Co- Chair Rwanda
Dr. Isidore Traore Member Burkina Faso                     
Dr. Avelin Aghokeng Member Cameroun
Dr. Henry Nagai Member Ghana
Prof.  Aristophane Tanon Member Cote d’Ivoire
Dr.  Tapiwanashe Bwakuza Member Zimbabwe
Dr.  Emmanuel Musabeyezu Member Rwanda
Dr.  Patrick Migambi Member Rwanda
Dr.  Kiromera Athanase Member Rwanda
Prof.  Leon Mutesa Member Rwanda
Dr.  Olivier Twahirwa Member Rwanda


Track C: Epidemiology and Prevention Science

Prof. William Ampofo Chair Ghana
Dr.  Placidie Mugwaneza Co- Chair Rwanda
Prof.  Debbie Bradshaw Member South Africa
Prof.  Zannou Marcelle Member Benin                   
Prof. Serge Eholie Member cote d'Ivoire                   
Prof. Mohamed Chakroun Member Tunisia
Mr. Eric Remera Member Rwanda
Dr.  Andre Mbayiha Member Rwanda
Dr.  Jean de Dieu Ntwali Member Rwanda
Dr. Julien Nyombayire Member Rwanda

Track D: Law, Human Rights, Social Science and Political Science

Dr.  Aliou Sylla
Chair Mali
Gizelle Gatariki Co- Chair Rwanda
Commissioner Soyata Maiga Member The Gambia
Dr. Col. Alain Azondekon Member Benin
Mr. Kene Esom Member Senegal
Mr. Berry Nibogora Member South Africa
Dr. Marsha Martin Member United States of America
Dr. Ron Simmons Member United States of America
Mr. Paul Sagna Member Senegal
Mrs. Alida Ngwije Member Rwanda
Dr. Mugisha Veronicah Member Rwanda
Linda Ntaganzwa Member Rwanda
Dr. Aimable Musafiri Member Rwanda
Dr. Jamie Forrest Member Rwanda

Track E: Health Systems, Economics and Implementation Science

Dr. Morenike Ukpong Chair Nigeria
Dr.  Albert Tuyishime Co- Chair Rwanda
Dr. John Ojo Member Nigeria
Dr. Meskerem Bekele Grunitzky Member Ethiopia
Dr. Frank Lule Member Uganda
Dr. Saidi Mpendu Member Tanzania
Prof.  Bashiru Koroma Member Sierra Leone
Madam Caroline Ntchatcho Member South Africa
Dr. Nirina Harilala Razakasoa Member Dr. Congo
Noella Bigirimana Member Rwanda
Dr.  Parfait Uwaliraye Member Rwanda
Dr.  Gilbert Biraro Member Rwanda
Soline Mugeni Member Rwanda
Sabine Umuhire Member Rwanda
Dr.  Jackson Sebeza Member Rwanda
Muhammed Semakula Member Rwanda
Ida Kankindi Member Rwanda
Dr.  Aflodis Kagaba Member Rwanda
Etienne Karita Member Rwanda
Eric Remera Member Rwanda
Joel M. Mubiligi Member Rwanda
Patrick Nganji Member Rwanda
Eugene Rugwizangoga Member Rwanda
Muhayimpundu Ribakare Member Rwanda
J.Paul Uwizihiwe Member Rwanda
Seth Butera Member Rwanda

Scientific Programme:

Sessions will take place throughout the day from Monday 2nd December to Saturday, 7th December 2019. Below are the topics the Scientific Programme Committee has chosen to focus on.

Plenary Session

  1. 1. Towards a cure: vaccines and reservoir research. 
  2. 2. Operationalizing the implementation of innovative biomedical prevention (PrEP, microbicides, and long-acting ARVs).
  3. 3. How to optimize second and third line ARV regimens and prevent HIV drug resistance through differentiated care in Africa
  4. 4. Integrating HIV care with emerging infections, comorbidities, and NCDs.
  5. 5. What will it take to achieve EMTCT and 90-90-90 goals for children in Africa?

Scientific Programme Committee Numbers of Sessions
Plenary Session 5
Special Session 5
Workshop 10
Non-Abstract Session 6


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