Press Conference Booking

Press Conference Booking


ICASA 2019 Press booking is open from 18th – 25th November, 2019.

Kindly fill the online form for your press conference booking. Two alternative press conference bookings per organization is allowed in order for one to be finally selected. Please note that it is not possible to book two press conferences on the same day.

We encourage early submission in order for press space be guaranteed since last-minute requests may prove difficult to accommodate due to limited availability of space.

The ICASA 2019 RWANDA Media team will contact you after close of booking on 25th November, 2019 to confirm your assigned date and time and to make arrangements for participants’ access to the press conference room on the day of your event.

  • ICASA 2019 RWANDA cannot guarantee that all those requesting a press conference slot will be granted one.
  • All speakers and support staff must be registered to attend the conference, and that all media outreach, staffing, IT support and logistics management is the responsibility of the group hosting the event.

By submitting your application means that you have agreed to the full terms & conditions.

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There is one press conference room at ICASA 2019 RWANDA with a seating capacity of approximately 30. The room will be equipped with three microphones for seated speakers (space for a maximum of six speakers). Basic AV equipment will be provided free of charge.

Please note that each press conference must not exceed 45 minutes.